Cover-Pools Automatic Pool Cover

The Cover-Pools automatic cover is the easiest way to keep your pool covered. Simply turn a key or press a button, and your pool is protected in under a minute. The powerful mechanism and motor contribute to the most advanced cover system on the market.

Benefits of a Safety Cover

Saves Lives, eliminates water evaporation, gains and retains solar heat, saves up to 70% on heating and chemical consumption. Your filter pump runs for a less amount of time, prolonging the life of your pool equipment and saves you money on your monthly power bills. The cover will keep your pool clean giving you more time to relax and enjoy it.

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Track System
  • Aqua-Safe Unlimited offers many options for pool cover installations — whether your pool is new or existing, rectangular or freeform, concrete or vinyl-liner or fiberglass. The unique component track accessories make it possible for your pool to benefit from a Cover-Pools pool cover.

    Underside™ track

    Underside track is installed under the pool coping or in the pool wall. It offers a stylish way to fully integrate a Cover-Pools pool cover system into your new pool and deck. The track is concealed beneath the coping or in the pool wall for a seamless look. Track channel and coping for vinyl-liner pools are other variations that incorporate Underside track to guide the cover.

    Universal track

    New and existing pools of virtually any shape or construction can be covered using Universal, Snaptop Universal, or recessed track. You simply need enough deck room to run the low-profile tracks parallel to one another on opposite sides of the pool.

    Universal track is installed on top of the deck surface. Recessed track provides the option of installing the track flush in the surface of the deck.

  • Cover Pools recessed mechanism

    Recessed mechanism

    The mechanism can be housed in an enclosure recessed below the deck surface. This option works best if chosen before construction. However, if there is room to cut into the deck of an existing pool, the mechanism can still be recessed.

    Cover-Pools offers many lid options for covering a recessed mechanism: Vanishing Lids™, Bezel™ step-on lids, and our standard aluminum lids. You might also consider the extended lid option, which allows the leading edge of the retracted cover to be hidden.

    Cover Pools deck mounted mechanism

    Deck-mounted mechanism

    When the mechanism is mounted on the deck surface, it can be covered simply with our fiberglass ends or with an attractive housing such as the Everlast™ bench. Custom benches can be supplied locally by your dealer or an independent contractor.

  • Cover Pools automatic cover motor

    Meet the brawn behind the beauty

    The driving force behind every Cover-Pools automatic pool cover system is our state-of-the-art mechanisms and motors. The high-grade stainless-steel and anodized-aluminum mechanism is specifically suited to the pool environment and contributes to smooth operation and overall longevity of the system.

    The Save-T® 3 (big RED), our latest model of automatic pool cover, is the toughest system on the market today, available exclusively from Cover-Pools. It is the elegant workhorse of the pool cover industry.

  • Corr-Resist™ technology

    Cover-Pools revolutionary Corr-Resist technology is the best solution in the pool cover industry for fighting corrosion. Connecting dissimilar metals in a salt environment creates a corrosive path that breaks down the metal components. Corr-Resist technology prevents this corrosive environment by isolating dissimilar metals using high-grade stainless steel and marine-grade materials to protect your mechanism.

  • Cover Pools fabric technology

    Premium fabric in a variety of colors

    Cover-Pools exclusive Quad-Core™ fabric is the product of 50 years of research and experience. Reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.

    Exclusive formula to protect your cover

    Cover-Pools and Herculite Products developed an exclusive pool cover formula with over 20 years of experience that is superior to all other cover fabric for a pool environment. Most pool covers use a coated vinyl, leaving thin areas that create a greater risk to water exposure. Cover-Pools exclusive laminated vinyl is composed of two equal layers of vinyl evenly protecting the cover from exposure.

    Select from a variety of colors

    Our premium Quad-core™ fabric is offered in eleven standard colors. Please see actual fabric sample when making color choice; colors may vary.